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SPAD.neXt 0.9.9 Release and a Black Friday Week

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SPAD.neXt 0.9.9 Release and a Black Friday Week

Post by c0nnex » 30 Nov 2020, 20:29

Black Friday Week!

For the period of Nov. 29th through Dec. 6th (UTC Time) a 25% discount is offered on
This applies to new licenses, as well as upgrades or update renewals.

The discount will be applied automatically upon checkout.

SPAD.neXt 0.9.9 Release

SPAD.neXt 0.9.9 (Build 2) has been released to public.
Thanks to the beta testers making this release quite a big update.

Among a lot of new features and Quality of Life improvements the 0.9.9 Version of SPAD.neXt features some new devices supported.
The full chagelog can be accessed from inside the application.

* Devices: Add Elgato Streamdeck Support (Needs to be enabled explicitly in Seetings->Devices. Complete Edition license required)
* Devices: Add Thrustmaster TCA-Quadrant support
* Devices: Add VRInsight MCP2A support
* Devices: Add VRInsight GPS5 support
* Devices: Add support for GoFlight GF-46
* Devices: Add support for GoFlight GF-LGT
* Devices: Expose vJoy axis and buttons as read/write to be able to relay axis events e.g. to Star Citizen
* Devices: Add option to edit response curves for axis
* Add Squawkbox/vPilot support (Vatsim) to Local/Squawkbox
* Events: Add option to repeat event while condition is true. (Resolution = 40Hz / 25ms)
* Events: Add Scripted Event to axis
* Events: Add "Set Foreground Window" action
* Events: Add support for string manipulation in "Change Data Value" actions
* X-Plane PluginInstaller: Add option to select installation directory manually if detection is not possible
* Expert Options: Add option to disable the "new device without events" wizard
* Multipanel: Autothrottle switch/Flaps/Trimwheel work even if virtual power being off
* Gauges: add Rotate support to Gauge-XML Labels
* Profile backups: By default 10 backups of a profile will be kept in Number can be adjusted in expert-settings. ( 0 = no backups , -1 = unlimited backups)
* MSFS: Add indexing of community and premium aircraft
* Aircrafts: Automatically add unknown aircraft to index
* P3D: Index all P3D Addon-Directories

Your SPAD.neXt installation will update automatically.

Available now: The Class Echo by ShakePrint

The Class Echo is a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 controller / display for Autopilot, COM/NAV, flight and engine information, and more! It is an affordable DIY alternative to many separate devices.
IMG_5340.jpg (247.38 KiB) Viewed 15181 times
It takes many of the most common controls and puts them at your finger tips. No longer do you have to pan around the cockpit and zoom into autopilot, radio, COM and NAV panels. Autopilot values are selected easily using the touch screen and physical rotary encoder. COM and NAV frequencies are swapped with a touch, and input is done with a responsive touch screen number pad. Essential information about your flight, fuel and engines are displayed onscreen in an easy to read layout, and It connects to your Windows PC using SPAD.neXt. This device works great for GA aircraft and small jets.

For more information give them a shot at

Bring your Gauges to the neXt level

Now MSFS is here, are happy to confirm they fully support gauges for the new Microsoft Simulator. They have been testing all their back catalogue and developing new gauges that look more like those in SIM. Recently have done a major update for their a320 PFD, released two ICON A5 gauges and a new ILS gauge as shown in the new sim.
ILS_Modern.png (47.1 KiB) Viewed 15181 times will also be releasing a new engine gauge for the a320 within the next day or two.
A320Engines.png (41.68 KiB) Viewed 15181 times
For more information give them a shot at