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SPAD.neXt Release (GoFlight / PMDG 747)

by Ulrich Strauss (comments: 1)

SPAD.neXt Release (GoFlight / PMDG 747)

Added "new device configuration"-Selection dialog for unconfigured devices.
If you do not want this, enable the Expert-Mode (Settings->Application).
Not for all devices default configurations are available and approved yet.

Added additional Data DC AMPS , CPS FREQ , DC VOLTS, AC AMPS, AC VOLTS , IRS Display Left , IRS Display Right (All in SP2 Category , -17747 means not available/invalid ) for PMDG 737 NGX

Added PMDG 747 QOTS II Support

All GamePlugins (VoiceAttack / X-Plane need to be updated)
You will find the current plugins in {DIRECTORY_INSTALL}\GamePlugins

Support for GoFlight MCP Pro and WCP (WP6) has been added. Support for additional GoFlight devices will follow, stay tuned!

For a detailed list of all changes please see the Changelog.

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Comment by Philip Buscemi |

Can't wait to get support for GoFlight EFIS!

Reply by Ulrich Strauss

GoFlight EFIS will be part of next major update. It's already completely done.

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