SPAD.neXt Update

by Ulrich Strauss (comments: 0)

SPAD.neXt includes early access to the Q400 Add-on for Complete Edition owners.
It will speedup data readouts from MJC Dash 8 400 Pro Edition and enable data access for the Training Edition, once it's released by Majestic.
The add-on will be available for purchase to public when Training Edition is released.

Other Changes:

  * General: Fix profile description not shown correctly in assign aircraft dialog
  * General: Seperate assigned profiles for X-PLane/FSX. You will need to reassign X-Plane aircraft to profiles
  * X-Plane: Fix remote connection to SPAD.neXt
  * X-Plane: Fix value transcription for HSI gauges
  * X-Plane: Add support for XP11 ACF files.
  * Q400: Enable Dataspeedup [Complete Edition early access] see Complete Edition Sub-Forum for details

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