You can customize the splash screens shown on the FIP.

Supported Image formats: BMP, JPG, PNG

Supported Image Size: 320x240 pixel

In MyDocuments\SPAD.neXt\FIP you will find several sub-folders:

ALL  - contains splash images that will be shown on all FIP

(Serialnumber) - contains splash images that will be shown on this specific FIP only

Default - contains the SPAD.neXt default images for your reference. Changes made here will have no effect.

Just drop your splash images into the appropriate Directory.

Filenames that contain '.noserial.' (note the two dots) will not get the serial number written to it. Else the serial is written to the rectangle (0, 195, 320, 50)

SPAD.neXt needs to be restarted to recognize changes to the images.

This is a 'Complete Edition' exlusive feature

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