New license model and options

24 Nov 2016
by Ulrich Strauss
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With release of SPAD.neXt 0.9.5 the licensing options and model will be changed.

SPAD.neXt Release

by Ulrich Strauss
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Support for Opencockpits MCP and EFIS have been added. To enable it, enable the Opencockpits-Support in Settings->Devices

Important change for joystick buttons
All joystick-buttons (normal joystick, Bodnar etc) now can be configured to work as a pushbutton or a switch. By default all buttons have been configured as a pushbutton, which might result in your events not working correctly anymore if the button is actually a switch.
To fix this, select the button in the UI and click on the "CONFIGURE" button on the right hand side to select it's configuration.
Please note: The button configuration is global to the device and all your profiles.

All pushbuttons got a "Press short" and "Press long" event. You can configure the threshold for a long press in Settings->Application->Expert. Default: 1000ms = 1s

There is now an option in Settings->Application->Profiles to enable automatic saving of profiles.

All gameplugins (X-Plane / VoiceAtack) need to be updated.
If you use the vFIP Client, it needs to be updated as well.
You will find the current plugins in C:\Program Files\SPAD.neXt\GamePlugins

For a detailed list of all changes please see the Changelog.

As always your installation will update automatically.

Betatesters wanted for:
- Go Flight modules (all)
- DCS:World
- iRacing
Please open a support ticket if you want to join any beta.

Opencockpits support is coming

by Ulrich Strauss
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Opencockpits support in SPAD.neXt is coming in Week 1/2017. Teaservideo

SPAD.neXt Update

by Ulrich Strauss
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SPAD.neXt includes early access to the Q400 Add-on for Complete Edition owners.
It will speedup data readouts from MJC Dash 8 400 Pro Edition and enable data access for the Training Edition, once it's released by Majestic.
The add-on will be available for purchase to public when Training Edition is released.

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