New license model and options

24 Nov 2016
by Ulrich Strauss
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With release of SPAD.neXt 0.9.5 the licensing options and model will be changed.

SPAD.neXt Release

by Ulrich Strauss
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SPAD.neXt was release to public.

Among many QualityOfLife features it contains support for the miniCOCKPIT miniFCU.

miniCOCKPIT even provided a custom SPAD.neXt firmware for it, so the advancd SPAD.neXt features can be used. Please see this video, on how to get it working with


if you are updating SPAD.neXt from a version older than, you will need to do step updates, as a lot of stuff changed in between the major releases.

To do this, first make sure auto update is disabled, then head over to download-old-versions and  apply updates in order starting with the next major version higher than your current.  (e.g. if you are currently using start with
Download installer, and install it over current installation.
Then start it and load all your profiles once (and save them again) so SPAD.neXt can update them. Then exit and proceed to next version.

Once you reached update and loaded and saved your profiles once, you can reenable AutoUpdate and/or click the "Check for Update" Button to update to most current release.

It is  highly recommended to create  a backup of your profiles folder before doing so!

Black Friday Week 2023

by Ulrich Strauss
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SPAD.neXt Newsletter Nov 2023

Black Friday Week 2023

For the period of Nov. 20th through Nov 26th (UTC Time) a 25% discount is available on
This applies to new licenses, as well as addons or update renewals.

The discount will be applied automatically upon checkout.

SPAD.neXt 0.9.15 is at the doorsteps

SPAD.neXt 0.9.15 will be released to public as soon as MSFS SU14 is available.

Among new features and Quality of Life improvements the 0.9.15 Version of SPAD.neXt will fully support the access to B-Variables and B-Events for MSFS.

Device-Wise support for the Skalarki Ltd. devices will be available.

New to SPAD.neXt?

If you are new to SPAD.neXt don't miss the New User Series Videos available at or directly in the SPAD.neXt UI.

Still available: Discounts for Cockpit-Simulator Devices

As part of our partnership with Cockpit-Simulator ( discounts for their devices are available for all licensed SPAD.neXt users:

For the 737 CDU: 20% Off
For the new devices (MCP , EFIS, Desk Stand): 10% Off

For details and claiming your coupon(s) head over to our Community Discord

Available soon: Support for all CPFlight Devices

We are working together with CPFlight S.r.L. on getting all their devices (Serial and TCP) supported. No ETA can be given as of today, but we are expecting those devices being available in SPAD.neXt by end of the year.
For further information about CPFlight devices give them a visit at

Down the road: miniCockpit FCU

We are working together with miniCockpit ( on getting all their devices (miniFCU) supported. No ETA can be given as of today, but we expect it to be available shortly after the devices are available.

Bring your Gauges to the neXt level are happy to confirm they fully support gauges for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. They have been testing all their back catalogue and developing new gauges that look more like those in SIM. Recently have done a major update for their a320 PFD, released two ICON A5 gauges and a new ILS gauge as shown in the new sim.

ILS Modern by

A320 Gauge by

For more information give them a shot at



MSFS LVAR Bridge Outdated

by Ulrich Strauss
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You might have noticed that SPAD.neXt is constantly complaining about the MSFS LVAR being outdated since today.

A SPAD.neXt update to v0.9.13.39 has been released today, which requires a MSFS SU13 compatible MSFS LVAR Bridge to be installed.

If your installation updated, just reinstall the MSFS LVAR Bridge from the GamePlugins-folder of SPAD.neXt. If SPAD.neXt keeps complaining afterwards, read on.

If your installation did not update (expired update subscription or disabled auto update) please see this article on how to fix it.

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