New license model and options

24 Nov 2016
by Ulrich Strauss
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With release of SPAD.neXt 0.9.5 the licensing options and model will be changed.

Cockpit-Simulator Special

by Ulrich Strauss
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I'm happy to announce that there will be a XMAS Special together with Cockpit-Simulator to celebrate the release of their new devices.

For the 737 CDU: 20% Off
For new new devices (MCP , EFIS, Desk Stand): 10% Off

This will be a limited offer on first come first serve basis, as only limited number of discount codes will be available.
To show interest for a discount code, head over to our Community Discord

Needless to say, the new devices will be fully supported by SPAD.neXt the day they are in your hands.



SPAD.neXt 0.9.12 Build 85 Release

by Ulrich Strauss
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It has been a long time since last release update, mainly because a lot of the basic core code has been completely rewritten, and there have been a lot of changes.
Be sure to check out the New User-Series video guides available in the UI, the discord or , and please read the release notes.

The X-Plane Plugin has been updated and full X-Plane 12 Beta support has been added.

New Devices supported
  * Sim Innovations Knobster
  * Streamdeck: MK.2
  * Realsimgear: CIRRUS-SW1 G1000MFD15 G1000XFD GMAAddon GCU479 GFC700 GCU
  * TCA-Q: Rudder-Addon
  * GoFlight: GF-SECM , GF-MESM
  * Cockpitmaster: Cockpitmaster CDU (Boeing version) [COMPLETE EDITION ONLY]
  * VrInsight: 737 Overhead [COMPLETE EDITION ONLY] (known issues)
  * VrInsight: 320 Overhead [COMPLETE EDITION ONLY]
  * Honeycomb Bravo: Add default layout and LED support
  * Joysticks: Add support for Simulation Devices (e.g. wheels)
  * VRInsight: Add Display Support for MCP2A/MCP2B

Your installation will automatically update if your update subscription was valid on Jan. 1st 2022

Happy Birthday

by Ulrich Strauss
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SPAD.neXt birthday week

It's SPAD.neXt's birthday this week, and as every year there will be a 25% discount to

* new licenses
* renewal of updates subscriptions
* addional addons

(Discount not applicable to license upgrades, as those are discounted always)

The discount will be applied automatically upon checkout and runs from May 4th 2022 00:00 (UTC+2) to May 11th 2022 23:59 (UTC+2)


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