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No longer able to access most Commands in X-Plane

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No longer able to access most Commands in X-Plane

Post by ricktana » 28 Jul 2020, 23:41

I am running the latest version of Spad v0.9.7.81. I am a long time user of Spad with X-Plane and have always been able to locate all the aircraft datarefs and commands in Spad by placing both a commands.txt and dataref.txt file in my aircraft folder. In the latest version there is a substantial list of Developer datarefs available (23, but very few Developer commands.(Only 4) The dataref plugin tool in x-plane is reading the datarefs and the commands but Spad is not finding many of them. I recently installed the new Torquesim SR22 in X-Plane and am unable to configure my panels. I can find the datarefs but no commands for the aircraft. Is this something that can be fixed in short order? If not, then how can I roll back to an earlier version that can locate the datarefs and commands? Thank you for your help.

Rick S.
Rick Senecal
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