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LVAR issue with A2A 182 (it me not the LVARS)

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LVAR issue with A2A 182 (it me not the LVARS)

Post by kaselite » 27 May 2020, 15:02

Hello, im having a spot of trouble programming the LVARS (its for the annunciator on top of the Bendix stack). The first one, COM1 selector know works perfectly.   

(L:kma26SelectorKnob_pos,enum) - Audio selector knob (0 – inop/com1, 1 – com1, 2 – com2, 3 – inop/com2, 4 – inop/com2)

Example: <EventActionChangeValue TargetDataDefinition="LVAR:KMA26SELECTORKNOB" Value="0" ValueOperation="Increment" />

However, this one, i just cant get to work right.

Nav1 button - if (L:kma26Nav1Switch,bool) is zero, toggle default (>K:RADIO_VOR1_IDENT_DISABLE) event

I can turn is one without issue, but for the life of me i cannot figure out how to turn it off. Changing the data value to 0 or 1 does not work and i dont get where K:RADIO_VOR1_IDENT_DISABLE would be used either. 

Im not a great programmer :) 
Any tips would be very well received. 

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