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How to get SPAD to work with FS9(FS2004)

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How to get SPAD to work with FS9(FS2004)

Post by quantumDavey » 12 Mar 2020, 15:15


I have been trialling using SPAD.neXt on my Sim machine which has FS2000, FS2004 and FSX installed (on different volumes). In the user manual pdf it says that SPAD.neXt supports FS9 (ie FS2004), however upon running the setup wizard, the only "valid FS installation it lists is FSX".

I would like to use it with my FS2004 as well and I have found thread on here from somebody saying that it does indeed work with their FS9 installation.

How do I achieve that ? Is it just a case of registering SPAD.neXt to enable FS9 support ?



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Re: How to get SPAD to work with FS9(FS2004)

Post by c0nnex » 16 Mar 2020, 15:13

FS9/2004 doe snot support simconnect. If you want to connect to that you will need FSUIIPC.

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