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Keyboard - Simple Comments

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Keyboard - Simple Comments

Post by Bman. » 04 Mar 2020, 07:44

Hey All-

I am getting my simpit back in order and wanted to setup a simple keyboard command from SPAD to send hotkey commands to either PickPic or nVidia to capture screenshots (versus the P3D screen grab). I am able to add an event just fine for the button I want to use from my PFC yoke. My problem is sending to the active window versus P3D versus windows environment.

My keyboard command button press works fine unless I have P3D as the active window then the keypress doesn't work. If I ... for example hit my button 7 right now while typing on the forum, no problem, the app taking the screen captures does its magic. Bring P3D (windows or fullscreen) and the command no longer works.

Any suggestions?

Thank you-