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Sky Blue Flyer
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Post by Sky Blue Flyer » 28 Jan 2020, 10:40

Hi all, just enjoying my first adventure in the world of Flight Sim and Spad.Next.

I have managed to get my multi and switch panels working with the new PMDG737NGXu aircraft on P3Dv4 which took a bit of head scratching tbh!... I have a client server setup on an ethernet network which works really well and takes a lot of load off my sim CPU. I have uploaded the profile under my forum name and shown as PMDG737NGXu_Client_Server if anyone want any help or grab snippets.

The only thing I cant get working is the landing gear. The lever only goes to the centre 'off' position from down and not to the up position to raise the gear. I believe it has something to do with the lever lock. I have tried adding an event to set the landing gear lock to off as well as the 'Gear Up' event but it doesnt seem to work. Any ideas?

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Post by c0nnex » 30 Jan 2020, 17:01

hmm maybe there needs to be a delay after unlocking the gear. Did you try that?

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