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How to program my own LVAR?

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How to program my own LVAR?

Post by rsijbring » 24 Dec 2019, 00:30


First of all, the application works flawless. For PMDG the programming is super easy.
However, for the CS 757 I am struggling a bit. When I add a Local Variable, it will not be programmed in the same way an LVAR is programmed and thus the button wil not be activated. My question is; how do I add a custom LVAR provided by Captain Sim to the Database of Spad Next?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to program my own LVAR?

Post by Hazza » 25 Dec 2019, 19:14

What LVAR are you trying to program specifically? I have done a fair amount of work on the 757 and MAY be able to assist.