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Saitek FID problem

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Re: Saitek FID problem

Post by RobSchein »


You may have answered my question up above. I've got a full panel of Saitek instruments/controllers, etc., connected via two 10-port USB 3.0 powered hubs. Whenever I boot the computer (dedicated to a flight sim) and start Spad, I have to disconnect and reconnect each and every individual USB connector from the instruments/controllers to the hubs in order for the system to recognize them. I believe I have changed the computer's USB suspend/wakeup scheme to keep the ports awake with no avail. I'm wondering whether this might be the USB 3.0 incompatibility described above?


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Re: Saitek FID problem

Post by c0nnex »

a) FIP are not USB 3.0 compatible
b) make sure youre USB Hub provides at least NumOfFipConnected * 1.0 + OtherDevcies*0.5 + 0.5 Amps of power

The problem description is typical for this.

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Re: Saitek FID problem

Post by thedazman »

I have a 20 amp power supply on my 12 FIPs split 6 each over two USB2.0 connections. Any thing less and you’ll have problems

As c0nnex states you need 1amp per FIP and you can forget about keeping them alive using USB3.0

It’s also annoying the devices have never been updated to allow for 3.0.

We’ve seen this a million times before (well not a million but you get the drift)

Once you have sufficient power and usb 2.0 hubs they should stop causing you issues.

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