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XP11 TBM900 dataref

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XP11 TBM900 dataref

Post by Jason » 08 Aug 2019, 03:00

Hello, I am new to this software and wish to try this out specifically to control some aspects of the TBM900.

As an example I am trying to control the ignition switch of the upper panel. This has 3 positions. OFF, ON AND AUTO.

I am using a 3 way switch to control this (ON OFF ON).

The problem I have is when the switch of off I cannot assign a command to it so I was advices to map switch on release for the ON on the upper panel( which will actually be the OFF on my 3 way switch).

I still haven’t managed to do this but I’m working around Spadnext since I need to familiarise with it.

Also, the TBM900 has a long dataref and includes almost all the buttons, however I cannot see many commands for it in spadnext, is there a way to import them into spadnext?

Thank you and hope I’m making sense