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Posted a new profile: Maule M7 260

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Posted a new profile: Maule M7 260

Post by garyzink » 27 Jun 2019, 19:04

Hi forum,

I'm new to SPAD.neXt and love it. Its so powerful. I just wanted to announce here, that I posed my first profile. If there are any Maule pilots out there, you might find it help full. Just search for or scroll down the online profiles in SPADneXt named Maule M7 260C, or search by my name garyzink.

I also included an extensive programming guide in the profile's comments section which explains rationale for my programming snippets. I've included call outs which work fine for takeoff but I don't know the best way to cancel them on approach and landing. Maybe someone can help me figure it out sometime and also suggest improvements for other programming also.

Thanks, Gary