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25 msec repeater problem

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25 msec repeater problem

Post by FlyDoc » 03 Jun 2019, 22:00

This is continuation of the other issue that I've been having with buttons not being recognized on my Warthog HOTAS. I've narrowed it down quite a bit. If I set the simple button press to repeat every 25 msecs, the button on the HOTAS is no longer recognized by SpadNext. If I make it a single press again, it is recognized. I have not been able to get any support, so if anyone has any ideas what could be happening I would sure appreciate the help!


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Re: 25 msec repeater problem

Post by thedazman » 03 Jun 2019, 23:55

I really wouldn’t recommend repeating button press every 25ms you’ll just flood the sim with 40 commands a second and then everything will just start to lag.

Shouldn’t cause the issue you are having but would keep repeats to tour bare minimum

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Re: 25 msec repeater problem

Post by c0nnex » 11 Jun 2019, 15:49

What Do you mean by "not recognized"?
If it just does not light up in the UI, that does not mean it is not recognized, it just means it maybe toggled to fast for the UI to show it at all. UI has lowest priority.
To check if the button press is recognized (and repeated) use the datamonitor and monitor the button variable.