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How to use FSUIPC function with

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How to use FSUIPC function with

Post by YoYo » 09 Apr 2019, 10:15

I use always simconnect functions or LVAR.
The first time I see the model which hasnt LVAR (no addon > data for this functions) and I cant find simconnect function here also. Maybe its hard coded, I dont know.

They are landing lights: left and right (on wings). I noticed this only (FSUIPC) when I click in the cockpit:

0 > 4 (left landing light ON)
4 > 132 (right landing light ON)


Id like to use for the one switch Landing Light of Saitek Pro Switch.

I did something like this:

Image Image

With 4 and 132 (or 128) but it dosent work (it turn on only the left light FSUIPC = 4 always, not both lights).

Any idea? :)
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