Profiles Assigned to Models?

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Profiles Assigned to Models?

Post by jordanal » 03 Feb 2019, 13:32

I am a long time flightsimmer and used the paid version of FSUIPC for several decades. As I gear-up using Spad, I'm wondering if it's possible to assign Spad profiles to multiple liveries without having to select each livery individually? In FSUIPC, it is an option called "Short Aircraft Name" whereby I could assign profiles to the beginning of livery names. For example, if I had a FSUIPC profile shortname written "PMDG 777-" it would assign that profile to all livery titles starting with 'PMDG 777-'. This way, as liveries come and go on my system, my PMDG 777 profile always worked. If something like this does not yet exist in Spad, can it be considered for a future enhancement?

Another option might be the ability to assign Spad profiles to FS models, instead of liveries. This way I could assign my PMDG 777 Spad profile to my PMDG 772 and 773 model files and I'm done. Again, liveries could come and go, but my Spad PMDG profile would continue to work without intervention.

Thanks for considering and I'm enjoying the migration from FSIUPC/Linda to Spad.Next.

Al Jordan

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Re: Profiles Assigned to Models?

Post by c0nnex » 11 Feb 2019, 17:02

I'll lookinto the "short name" option.
Model Assigning is currently not possible, as SPAD.neXt does not know about the model files. That information is local to FSX/P3D and cannot be accessed remotely. This would need a change to the SPAD.neXt LVAr Bridge, which i literally do not want to touch, unless there is a technical reason for it. (Never change a running system ;-D )