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Switch Panel

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Switch Panel

Post by vianenr » 30 Dec 2018, 12:37

I can not program the buttons of the switch panel.
Have tried everything but can not find anything how it works.
See online profiles some of which work and most of them do not. I use spadnext there is someone who could explain it.
I would greatly appreciate this so that I can program my own creation.

Greetings Robert ....

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Re: Switch Panel

Post by Hazza » 02 Jan 2019, 00:34

There is a great tutorial here

It is a little bit older but the concepts are exactly the same. He explains in detail how to add events to the Multi Panel and the Switch Panel (these are EXACTLY the same as in the latest version). His focus is on FSUIPC but he ALSO explains how to use Simconnect.

There is a bit of a learning curve (and there are more advanced tutorials on YouTube as well) but this is the best tutorial I have seen for beginners. Connex (the Author of this software) also has a number of videos here ... 5dA/videos and for more advanced tutorials vadermike777 has four really good ones here ... upQ/videos.

Don't get discouraged if things get a little difficult initially. This (along with TrackIR) is in my two best, most important addons and I can no longer operate without them.