For PMDG 737 NGXu support the SPAD.neXt Beta 0.9.7 is needed.
An updated LVAR bridge setup with Prepar3d v5 support is available at ...

SPAD.neXt Release

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SPAD.neXt Release

Post by c0nnex » 08 Dec 2018, 16:01

After a long time with no release the last update for 0.9.6 ( has been released to public today.
This will be last update for 0.9.6.

Beta for 0.9.7 will start next week.

Along with this release the renewal of update subscription have been enabled. To receive any further updates you will need a valid update subscription.

You might notice that all profiles will be marked as "dirty/unsaved changes", when using them the first time. This is due to the reenabling of the Multipanel-Knob-Accelleration. Just hit save once and you are fine.

To add addtionial Directories that shall be indexed for aircrafts, you can add those per-simulation in Settings->Application now.

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  * Fix Multipanel tuner accelleration. Reset-Timer can be adjusted in the device settings (per profile!)
  * Fix News-Channel not displaying after forum update
  * Fix Latest Topics-Channel not displaying after forum update
  * Enable Update Subscription renewal
  * Main menu polish
  * Add option to add additional directories to be scanned for aircrafts in Settings->Application per Simulation
  * WCP: Fix Buttons not reacting
  * General Joysticks/USB Devices: Add Option to ignore serial number for configuration setup
  * Saitek Panels:Fix dial turn events getting lost
  * Fix problems with AuthorKey
  * FSW: Add FSW Update 12 Support
  * P3D: Add P3D v4 Addon-Aircraft indexing
  * Gauges: Fix gauge not loading with Non-Conditional events
  * Gauges: Add Type "Text2Speech" to events. Attributes: Text (mandatory) Voice,Volume (optional)
  * X-Plane: Fix lost dataupdates (Update Plugin!)
  * Display: Fix displays lagging behind when changing fast
  * SimConnect: Adjust epsilon
  * Devices: Fix duplicate devices showing up
Installations will update automatically.