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Fix for Elevator Trim on buttons moving too slowly

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Fix for Elevator Trim on buttons moving too slowly

Post by kmanflya » 08 Oct 2019, 14:10

In my A2A Cessna 172R aircraft (on P3Dv4), in SPAD.neXt I assigned two buttons (L2 and L3) on my yoke for ELEVATOR TRIM UP and DOWN respectively, to simulate a manual electric trim function. To start with, for example I simply programmed the L2 button to perform the Action:
Buttonmode Repeat: triggered every 25ms until released
and similarly for the other button L3 to perform the Action:
Buttonmode Repeat: triggered every 25ms until released

However no matter whether I set a Parameter Value of 0 or some other value (I tried various from 5 to 2058) for that Action, it did not speed up or slow down the rate of change of the elevator trim setting - and it was still moving way too slow to be of any use.

After reading various other potential solutions (typically involving various setups in FSUIPC), here is the simple straightforward fix I used right in SPAD.neXt that is now working fine:

(1) ==> For the button L2, click
Edit Event and then click
Add Action then
Send Simulation-Event then select
OK and

(2)-(6) ==> and do that over and over until you have a total of six Actions
for the L2 button.

(7) ==> Save the SPAD.neXt configuration (the Save icon will have turned red as a reminder to do this),


(8) ==> Then repeat steps (1)-(7) above to do the same to get six Actions of ELEV_TRIM_UP on the other button L3.

(9) ==> Be sure to Save the configuration changes in SPAD.neXt for that aircraft configuration.

That's it - when you press either button, the trim changes (and the trimwheel display moves) at a much more realistic - and usable - rate.

Note: Although my A2A Cessna 172R configuration in SPAD.neXt needed those five extra Actions for the Elevator Trim Up and Down, I didn't need to do that for my Carenado Cessna 172SP configuration because on that model of sim aircaraft, when the yoke buttons L2 and L3 are pressed the elevator trim moves fast enough without requiring the five extra Actions.

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Re: Fix for Elevator Trim on buttons moving too slowly

Post by thedazman » 08 Oct 2019, 17:29

For stock aircraft just use trim percent variables and set the increment to the amount of your choosing there by only ever sending one event to the sim.

Elevator trim percent + 5, set the value lower for slower, higher for faster

Think this works for A2A also

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