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[HOWTO] Offload FIP to a second computer using the vFIP feature

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[HOWTO] Offload FIP to a second computer using the vFIP feature

Post by c0nnex » 17 Jun 2017, 00:24

Required: SPAD.neXt Complete Edition OR vFIP Addon.

* On Main Computer (SPAD.neXT/Sim/Panels):
- install SPAD.neXt , make sure FIP Support in Settings->Devices is enabled and SimConnect is enabled as well.
- in Addons->Virtual Devices create a Virtual FIP Device for every FIP on network computer.
Those will represent your physical FIP, and you load gauges into it, just as if it would be a FIP.

* On Network Computer (FIP Devices):
- copy the vFIP Client from Main computer and install it ( Found in C:\Program FIles\SPAD.neXt\GamePlugins on Main Computer)
- Start vFIP Client and connect it to the main computer.
- You will see your virtual fip from the main computer. Just click on the "on FIP"-Button next to each and select the FIP it shall be rendered on. Selection is saved automatically.

Same applies for offloading vFIP. Just click on "in window" and it will open a detched window to place freely on the networked computer.