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FSLabs A320 Using custom axis ranges clockwise and counterclockwise

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FSLabs A320 Using custom axis ranges clockwise and counterclockwise

Post by TWIVEZY » 31 Jan 2021, 09:10

Hi all,

I am trying to simulate potmeter action by having only "increase" and "decrease" rotorbrake codes available for FSLabs.

With the SpadNext custom axis ranges functions I can sort of make it work by having a repeated "decrease" input in the nearly closed range. Then through increasing ranges inputting "one time" increases.

It would be even better if SpadNext could differentiate between going through a specific range clockwise and counterclockwise. Then I could simulate clockwise only increasing inputs and couterclockwise only decreasing inputs. I don't think this is possible at the moment. Would it be possible to implement this in SpadNext?


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