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All in One FIP

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All in One FIP

Post by pampampadam » 07 Jan 2021, 14:47


Currently I have only one Flight Instrument Panel I wanted to add some functions
allwoing to manipulate a lot of parameters without mouse/keyboard)
Therfore I created a all in one FIP allowing ealily to switch between the Saitek gauges using the S1..S6 buttons.
(I didn't an existing one for download)

As there are only 6 buttons I used short and long press to to swich rapidly to 12 gauges.
For each gauge I added function to be modified by the left & right radio buttons.

I'm using MS FS2020 with SimConnect and published the FIP device today.

Short press
S1: Heading indicator (Right dial: Adjust Heading)
S2: VOR 1 (Left: change CRS by 10 deg, Right: change CRS by 1 deg)
S4: HSIB (Left: change CRS, Right: change Heading)
S5: ADF & Trim (Left: Aileron Trim, Right: Elevator trim)
S6: RPM & Flaps (Left: Change RPM, Right: Flaps)

Long press:
S1: Altimeter (Left: Change QNH by 1mBar, Right, Change by 0.01 HG)
S2: VOR 2 (Left: change CRS by 10 deg, Right: change CRS by 1 deg)
S3: Attitude Indicator
S4: HSI with some displayh errors (Left: change CRS, Right: change Heading)
S5: ADF (Left: change Frequency by 10 khz, Right: change by 0.5 khz)
S6: Motor & Fuel (Left/Right: Adapt left/right fuel tank by 1%)


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Re: All in One FIP

Post by c0nnex » 10 Jan 2021, 08:20

You can just add more than one gauge to the fip and flip though it using the paging button or events.