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Using multipanel as transponder

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Using multipanel as transponder

Post by detandtf » 19 Nov 2020, 13:20

I would like to create a more realistic transponder (compared to radio panel) using the multipanel. I would like the screen to show the transponder status (OFF, STDBY,ON, ALT) and the transponder code. The selector knob (left side of the panel) would be used to change the transponder mode. I succeeded in doing that and also succeeded to show the transponder code. I reprogrammed the buttons (AP, NAV, HDG, IAS, …) as transponder digits so it allows me to enter the code directly. Also this works.
Remaining issues I have :
- the text on the left side of the display is showing CRS, HGD, IAS, … in function of the position of the selector knob. I would like a different text and show the transponder status. But I have not found how to do that. Guess you need a script for that but have no experience with scripting.
- the screen is only showing 3 digits of the transponder code when the selector knob is in the position CRS, HDG or IAS. Would need to show the 4 digits.

Any help would be appreciated.