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SpadNext support for Aerofly FS 2

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SpadNext support for Aerofly FS 2

Post by JetJockey10 » 20 Jul 2020, 00:52

This is really good news. I couldn't tell from the brief mention if is available as a beta today or will be available for AFS2 once 0.9.8 is official. I will be looking for some out of the box support for some of the mainstay default aircraft in AFS2. Specifically, the Learjet 45, the Airbus 320, the Boeing 737-500, and the Boeing 747 and 777-300. I have all the large Saitek panels, plus eight FIPs.

I know practically nothing about setting these up, but, I know when they are not working and they have all been totally dead for the last 2 years.

So, I am eager to see some of the leading edge flight simmers jump in and start sharing some setups.


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Re: SpadNext support for Aerofly FS 2

Post by c0nnex » 20 Jul 2020, 01:01

The AFS2 will be in Alpha/Beta starting early next week.