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Reverse Thrust Bravo Throttle and Longitude MSFS

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Reverse Thrust Bravo Throttle and Longitude MSFS

Post by mkear » 19 Sep 2021, 08:27

I'm using MSFS2020, and in the process of configuring my Bravo Throttle quadrant with SPAD.NeXT. I have ot say it's a pleasure to work with this combination after struggling with other things for ages. SPAD.NeXT is robust, flexible, easy to work with and a joy to use.

However I have one issue that's probably staring me in the face but is eluding me so far. How do i set up the reverse thrust levers to initiate reverse thrust on a jet (at this stage I've only tried using the Longitude so I'm only assuming the issue I'm having will also happen with other jets) .

I've tried configuring the switches 10 and 11 (The reverse thrust levers are actually set up in the Bravo as switches) to tun on/off the events:

But none of them , when switched on/off with the reverse thrust levers have any effect that i can see. And after hearing there's an issue sometimes with the reverse thrust buckets, I've checked that when the parking brake is off, and the engines are running, moving the reverse thrust levers doesnt generate reverse thrust without opening the buckets.

Have I missed something? IS there are trick to this I havent found yet?

Mike Kear
Windsor, NSW, Australia.