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Custom minimum delta

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Custom minimum delta

Post by Playdric » 08 Sep 2021, 22:38

Hi guys !

I was wondering if it was possible to set a custom minimum delta in the "Axis calibration" window.

I'm asking this because even with the minimum value (163) settable by the slider, the jumps are too bigs on my axis.

Here is the axis jumps :

Here is what it looks like in MSFS :

But the "raw" value in the "custom Axis Configuration" window is smooth AF:

Aswell as in the VPC software :

I'm using the VPC throttle ans to configure reversers. If you need any complementary info feel free to ask.

I already tried to make a custom event using the raw axis value but it's not working.

Any idea how I could fix this ?

Thanks guys

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Re: Custom minimum delta

Post by c0nnex » 02 Oct 2021, 06:53

The minimum delte just defines the reaction window of spad.
The lower bound is calculated by the range of the axis of the joystick

Please open a ticket.