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SPAD not loading

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SPAD not loading

Post by sanj007kumar » 28 Aug 2021, 16:14

Hi there,

Turning my sim on after a year or so, opened spad as an administrator with all the equipment plugged in, it says i needed to do some updates and renew my licence, which I did, after this it shows it is open but nothing shows on the screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still the same issue, it's all updated. I tried it within the sim, still does not work. I have not changed anything else since, can't see why it's not working.


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Re: SPAD not loading

Post by c0nnex » 28 Aug 2021, 19:35

Open Ticket and attach %APPDATA%\SPAD.neXt\logs\SPAD.log
Most likely some Antivirus on your system preventing of loading a necessary file