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Re: KeyPress not working

Posted: 28 Feb 2019, 12:38
by oliver77
Thank you zkiwi for your help !

SO i've made some tests :

- Arduino Leornado, one switch --> sending 'P' works with P3Dv4
- SIOC and KeyCard, one Switch --> sending 'P' works with P3Dv4

I've created a new profile in spadnext. trying to send 'P'. --> it works with any application, not with P3Dv4 ...

Re: KeyPress not working

Posted: 01 Mar 2019, 20:20
by zkiwi
Which exact button are you trying to assign? I have pause assigned to one of my throttle quadrant buttons and it is working fine. I am running Spad on a client machine and P3Dv4.4 on the server machine. I'll upload my assignment as a snippet

Re: KeyPress not working

Posted: 04 Mar 2019, 10:31
by Hazza
Hmmm, interesting! I use KeyPress "P" on Button 1 on my Pro Flight Yoke and have never had any problems.

When you assign P to the target button I presume you press Assign then press P and then press Assign again. In Key Behavior select "Press and Release Key". Duration should be set for a minimum of 50ms (this can be adjusted UPWARDS if necessary). And Target Window to "Active Window". I have never had much success when setting Target Window to the Simulator

Re: KeyPress not working

Posted: 04 Mar 2019, 12:43
by thedazman
Also had issue with using target window however as these key strokes are being send to fsflight school pro and I know nothing about that add on I’m not sure if the fsflight school will be the “active window” when the sim is the active window. No idea how it works.

If fsflight school has its own window make that active for the test. You shouldn’t need to send any keystrokes to P3D as you would use simulator data control.

How does fsflight school interface with P3D?