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FIP logitech rotating knob problem

Posted: 13 Jan 2019, 18:07
by dyl55
Hi all,

I'm coming to you cause I can't find a solution anywhere,

I've just bought a FIP from Logitech (saitek), launch it in SPADNEXt (all others panels (multi,switch,,..)) work perfectly,

I've added gauge (classic saitek one), all of them display very well when I'm flying but the 2 dials (rotating knobs) doesn't react, it says no event attribute in spadnext, how can I fix it or which event should I insert to work as default ? I just want to be able to change the HDG, ADF heading or simple stuff like that, like I would do with the mouse on the fsx cockpit

Thank you in advance

Re: FIP logitech rotating knob problem

Posted: 13 Jan 2019, 19:01
by thedazman
Not sure the original Saitek dial <mouse> XML code is still supported in, you may have to re-program the dials if using legacy gauges and save them in your profiles. I’ve long since removed legacy gauge dial code from my gauges it was problematic.

I recall c0nnex saying he was going to remove support for legacy FIP dials and suspect they may have been removed from the Saitek version inside SPAD.neXt


Re: FIP logitech rotating knob problem

Posted: 13 Jan 2019, 19:09
by dyl55
Thanks for the answer, not sure to understand everything as I'm noob with spad, I've only download (eventually buy it after 14 days if it works) to make my panels works, I did not configure anything as default settings works perfectly for me except for the instrument panel,

I don't really need it if it only display the gauge and I can't change the course on the FIP itself, I still can look at the virtual cockpit for that.

Any advice or "how to" ? even if I have to insert other gauge than saitek to get my knobs working for course ?

Basically, I just want to display, airspeed, altitude, hdg/adf gauge, VOR/NAV gauge for ILS and be able to change course for ILS or HDG

Thank you and sorry for the noob I am :)

Re: FIP logitech rotating knob problem

Posted: 13 Jan 2019, 19:22
by thedazman
Just add whatever events you want to the clockwise/anti-clockwise functions of the dials, they will do ANYTHING you want them to do. You only have to add one event per direction. No different to adding a function to any other hardware button or dial. There are a few YouTube video’s on basic button and dial assignments.

Regards Daz

Re: FIP logitech rotating knob problem

Posted: 13 Jan 2019, 20:03
by dyl55
I tried to assign those function to the knob but can't find what shortcut is it on fsx, either on internet or in game settings :/

Re: FIP logitech rotating knob problem

Posted: 13 Jan 2019, 20:36
by thedazman
You program the buttons and dials in SPAD. If you don’t know how to program hardware events, check out SPAD based YouTube videos.

Just search hdg or heading or course or CRS in Simulation events list and assign the ones you need.

Sorry but I haven’t got the time right now to cover basic functionality, just watch the available video that cover the subject.


Re: FIP logitech rotating knob problem

Posted: 13 Jan 2019, 22:44
by Steve Horsfall
To program the CRS or OBS Knob on the HSIB panel you can try the folowing that was programmed on the Saitek guage.

Click on the Left Knob (Yellow CRS) and ADD AVENT, Choose CLOCKWISE Turn.
On the next screen Click on ADD ACTION and SELECT SEND SIMULATION-EVENT.
You can scroll thru all the EVENTS to find VOR1_OBI-INC, or type in the search box VOR. This will take you to a choice of VOR events. SELECT VOR1_OBI-INC and click on OK, in the next panel just CLICK OK and OK.
Now repeat this process and select Counter-Clockwise turn and find VOR1_OBI-DEC.
Hope this helps.

Re: FIP logitech rotating knob problem

Posted: 13 Jan 2019, 23:09
by thedazman
Nice one Steve :-)

dyl55 If you want to know all the simulation event names for all the Saitek gauge dials, just open saitek’s Original gauge xml files and you’ll find them at the bottom of the text file in the <mouse> section.

Adding them in SPAD doesn’t take more than a few clicks.

Just bear in mind the programming for the dials is lost if you remove the gauge and or load the gauge to another FIP for example. Dial programming is stored in the Profile so if you switch profiles then you will need to add them to each profile

Of course my gauges have the dial programming coded in the gauges :-) so no need for manually programming dials or buttons that operate the gauge ever.

The converted legacy gauges in SPAD could do with pre-programmed dials outside of the main gauge xml like propriety gauges. While the legacy gauges run ok they generate loads of hidden compatibility errors when loading in SPAD


Hope you enjoy the 14 days trial and realise just how powerful SPAD.neXt is.

Re: FIP logitech rotating knob problem

Posted: 14 Jan 2019, 07:47
by dyl55
Thank’s a lot both of you, i’m gonna try that tonight :)

I had the free old version of spad before but this one is far more powerfull so I’m gonna buy it, I just have to figure out if i want to switch to xplane before buying it for fsx :)