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Losing assignments after reinstalling drivers?

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Losing assignments after reinstalling drivers?

Post by szcsongor » 15 Sep 2017, 09:24


I encoountered a problem after changing my old usb hub to a new one. I have a yoke, pedals, multipanel, switch panel, 2 throttles setup and it was nicely set up for the aircrafts I have.
Now I noticed that after installing the new hub, even though everything is connected to the same usb connector, the throttles lost the axis assignments for all aircraft.
One thing I remember, that I had to reinstall their proper drivers after the hub switch (something that happened before under win10, I don't know why it does that).
So the question is, that if I change computer in the future or have to reinstall the periferals again, I will lose their respective assignments in my profile? Do I have to assign everything each time? It was pretty time consuming especially for the throttles to set them up for my single, twin and 4-engine planes.
Thanks for the answer.

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Re: Losing assignments after reinstalling drivers?

Post by c0nnex » 26 Sep 2017, 15:18

After changing hubs, the devices are recognized as new devices by This is a known issue and is on the todo-list.

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Re: Losing assignments after reinstalling drivers?

Post by lesoreilly » 30 Sep 2017, 22:36

I use the feature of uploading an entire device to the online database so that I can easily move configurations that i like -- for example I like my Yoke config to be similar for a lot of the functions. So I post that. Then when I have another profile I just download that.

A WBN feature would be that you could Save Devices locally like a profile. Then you could have certain device configs that you could constantly tweak the way you like it. Then the Profile could load from those device configs. That way you don't have to constantly tweak numerous profiles over and over as you dial in your favourite configs.

This could also remove some of my spam from the devices database :)

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Re: Losing assignments after reinstalling drivers?

Post by thedazman » 01 Oct 2017, 00:05

You can do that currently, copy device and paste into notepad and save as file, then you only need to open the file and copy and paste into a different profile :-)

Still waiting for templates feature, so when you edit one central template all the profiles pick up the changes

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