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Any easy way to do this?

Posted: 31 May 2020, 00:24
by rrtraxx13
I am looking to find some "profiles" that just get the panels to work as they are supposed to. I have the flight switch panel and radio panel. After looking at various profiles I think I finally got the switch panel to work. However I am having absolutely no luck with the radio panel. Are there any profiles that are not just for a specific aircraft? I am looking to run the Carenado 172N, because this is the real life aircraft I fly. However, it seems that this is not an aircraft someone has programmed. I am NOT looking to become a programmer, this is now payware and as such should have some simple links to profiles to run the panels as originally intended. Yes I am frustrated because after paying, this is doing nothing...

Re: Any easy way to do this?

Posted: 02 Jun 2020, 15:21
by lesoreilly
Maybe don't look for a Full Profile. Look for Individual Devices -- ie look for adding just the Switch Panel from one of the default simconect panels or another users panel.

Note that you bring up the Carenado 172N.....Lot's of Carenado Planes require that you do a little digging to figure out how to make it work since they sometimes require you look up data values and figure out what command they are using. Now hopefully the Switch panel should be a little bit easier.

Re: Any easy way to do this?

Posted: 02 Jun 2020, 15:24
by lesoreilly
Oh -- here is a video that I did to show how to do some programming of the switch panel with a Carenado C208

Re: Any easy way to do this?

Posted: 02 Jun 2020, 17:43
by thedazman
The point of SPAD is that you have full configuration control of every button, switch or dial. Why rely on someone else having done one that may or may not be a perfect match.

Not sure your plane even uses standard SIMCONNET variables or custom LVARS. It’s not unreasonable for custom stuff to need custom config.

SPAD allows for custom configurations because no one system is the same. No one should expect to find a profile that will work for their setup without some customisation and impossible for SPAD to provide profiles for every combination of hardware vs aircraft.

So to answer the question, you should expect to do some manual configuration for your specific setup.


Re: Any easy way to do this?

Posted: 03 Jun 2020, 08:14
by zkiwi
Just use the default Simconnect profile. While it is for 4 engines it works with the Carenado C172N.