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X-Plane Prop Feather

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X-Plane Prop Feather

Post by sirpuma » 28 Sep 2019, 01:21

So I can't find help on this anywhere. I just installed X-Plane 11 because my FSX keeps crashing. I have the Saitek Pro Yoke/Rudder/Throttle and a second Pro Quadrant (USB) and I'm trying to get all my settings/configurations for X-Plane. Most make sense but with the Barron 58 there is a prop feather function in the 3d cockpit, but I can't find a controller setting to cover it in either X-Plane settings or in Spad.Next that will actually cause the aircraft to feather the prop.

I'm hoping someone in here has managed to set this up and can give me some pointers. Until then I'll keep trying things.

Thanks in advance

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Re: X-Plane Prop Feather

Post by c0nnex » 28 Sep 2019, 11:40

What is the function ? Is it a switch or what?

There are some auto-feather related datas and comamnds in xplane.
Check Datares.txt and Commands.txt in XPLANEDIR\Resources\plugins
Not all are exported yet to SPAD.neXt so maybe those oyu need are missing.