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Logitech Software

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Logitech Software

Post by Nod2648 » 01 Nov 2021, 09:23

Likely Newbie here.....

I run MSFS 2020 and have the following Logitech items:-
Flight Yoke
Radio panel
Switch Panel
(My Rudder Pedals are CH Pro Pedals)
I am experiencing CDT's, which I have narrowed down to the Switch Panel.
I am therefore contemplating purchasing
Before doing so my specific query is about the removal of Logitech software, and continued use of my CH Pro Pedals.

I understand that I need to delete the Logitech Microsoft Flight Simulator Plugin.
I also have the following Logitech programmes listed in my Control Panel Apps & Features List :-
Flight Yoke System
Flight Panels
Should delete these as well ?

As my CH Pro Pedals do not appear to be supported by, will I still be able to use them without causing any conflict with ?

Thanks in anticipation........................

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Re: Logitech Software

Post by c0nnex » 03 Nov 2021, 05:01

You can uninstall the remaining Logitech Software.

CH Pro Pedals are supported.