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A319/Multi-panel VS (Level Off) Value Not Updating...

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A319/Multi-panel VS (Level Off) Value Not Updating...

Post by slicker55 » 19 Apr 2021, 17:45

I am referring to Toliss A319, Logitech multi-panel and registered version of

The rotary knob on the multi-panel Inc/Dec VS and VS button (short & long press) simulates the push & pull actions of the VS knob in the aircraft... so far, so good....

When using Vertical Speed, pushing the VS knob in the aircraft activates 'Level Off Mode' and the current VS value is replaced with +0000

However, this change is not reflected in the display on the multi-panel?

Anyone else tackled this issue?

Just an idea...

Is it possible for to force a 'refresh'... as this might resolve the issue?

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