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new to this

Post by CraftySniper » 06 Jul 2020, 17:48

Hi, I have just got P3DV4 and Spad Next. I am having issues regarding getting Next to run in the few aircraft I have installed.
I had FSX and was using the SPAD which was excellent. One profile and all my devices worked. Am I missing something cause even when I use an online profile some of the aircraft don't respond?
Sometimes the switches are the wrong way round to my actual switches on my panels.
Sorry to sound so negative but this program just does not respond like the old traditional program.

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Re: new to this

Post by thedazman » 07 Jul 2020, 18:20

I use SPAD.next on both p3dv4 and FSX and I use the same profiles on both sims too without issue so not sure why you would have problems switching between the two.

If you have installed new aircraft then perhaps they aren’t using SIM variables. Are they the same aircraft you were using in FSX?
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