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Lost Registration Information / License / Activation Key

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Lost Registration Information / License / Activation Key

Post by c0nnex » 02 Jul 2021, 00:28

* For licences bought before 12.11.2016 via SimMarket , simply login into your simmarket account at . Your license information is listed there.
* For licenses bought after 12.11.2016 via Avagate/2Checkout, you can login into you customer asccount at to see you order history and license information.
* If you have linked your license on the SPAD.neXt community Discord, you can ask the bot about your license using the "!licinfo" command.

If both does not help, open a ticket from within SPAD.neXt to request your license information and attach a proof of purchase for the license.
(Important: Mark it as license issue!)

if you cannot start SPAD anymore, open a ticket via email (support at from the email you used to purchase SPAD.neXt. If possible provide your ordernumber.

Please note, that during vacation there will be no ticket processing, even not for licensing issues.