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Device stays dark (no display)

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Device stays dark (no display)

Post by c0nnex » 20 Mar 2017, 23:25

If the Multi Panel or Radio Panel stays dark and you have to restart SPAD.neXt to get it to display anything, you have a "Usb sleep" issue.

You will need to make sure USB-Energymanagement is turned off for the device and all Hubs in it's chain.

* Open the Windows Device Manager (Windows-Key , enter "Device manager")
* In "View" select "Devices by Connection"
* click through the tree: (Following is based on translation since my system is german locale, so the wording might differ a bit)
ACPI x64 PC->ACPI System->Rootcomplex for PCI-Express->PCI Express Rootport->Upstream Switchport
* Under the "Downstream Switchport"s for each "USB Hostcontroller" go through ALL Nodes (inlcuding the hostcontrollers!), and for each node right click it, and if it has a tab "Powermanagement" make sure it's DISABLED.
* Also make sure in your windows energy profile the "Selective USB Suspend" Option is disabled.

After changing, you must reboot your computer.
That should fix it.

Be aware that windows resets this settings with every update.
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