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MSFS2020 - Asobo Kingair 350 - Engine Condition Control

Posted: 21 Oct 2021, 04:30
by Raldan
Hello everyone,

I'm using to communicate between the CH Products Throttle Quadrant and the Asobo Kingair 350i.

Specifically, before Sim Update 6, I'd use the "Mixture" levers to control the Engine Condition levers.
From what I understand, there are three states these levers can be in, High Idle, Low Idle, and Cutoff.
(I'm not a pilot and have never been in a KingAir, so forgive my ignorance)
Before the update, the levers could be adjusted using an Axis which is what the levers on the TQ supply.

After the update, Asobo has changed the levers to a three-state switch that does not respond to an axis control.
Watching the Event monitors shows nothing when I adjust the levers with the mouse. Maybe a new parameter?

Has anyone found any data or events that we could exploit here?

Thanks for your help!