For PMDG 737 NGXu support the SPAD.neXt Beta 0.9.7 is needed.
An updated LVAR bridge setup with Prepar3d v5 support is available at ...

SPAD.neXt 0.9.6 Release

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SPAD.neXt 0.9.6 Release

Post by c0nnex » 25 May 2017, 21:36

General additions:
FSX/P3d: iFly 737/744 Support
FSX/P3d: TFDI B717 Support
GoFlight EFIS
Eurotruck Simulator 2 / American Truck Simulator (64 Bit!)
Flight Sim World
Prepar3d v4

New Actions:
Text 2 Speech: Speak a string [Complete Edition Only]
Virtual Joystick: Control a virtual joystick for interaction with games [Complete Edition Only]
Scripted Action: It's now possible to add events that will be raised upon a condition to ervery button/switch.

New features:
* It's now possible to control the display of values (on the fly conversion) and turn off Multipanel/Radio panel displays
* A new local variable "LOCAL:SPAD_AIRCRAFTCHANGED" (Local->Events) is available that will get value ON (1) when the aircraft changed

Important changes:
The FSX/P3d LVAR Bridge has now a seperate Installer. You will need to install the bridge after updating. The Installer can be found in the GamePlugins directory.
Please note: FSW / P3d v4 are not yet supported by the LVAR Bridge

All GamePlugins (VoiceAttack / X-Plane need to be updated)
You will find the current plugins in {INSTALL_DIRECTORY}\GamePlugins (C:\Program Files\SPAD.neXt by default).

For a detailed list of all changes please see the Changelog.

Installations will update automatically.