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Re: Arduino controler

Posted: 23 Mar 2017, 20:20
by c0nnex
Oz Flyer wrote: Ps. All I will need is a 3D printer to make the panels and NO will not ask for SPAD to driver the printer.
*snap* thought i find an excuse not to work on hunting and fixing bugs ;)

Re: Arduino controler

Posted: 24 Mar 2017, 08:23
by mbird
Thanks Connex

Good to hear will support Arduino~

I will prepare to setup a control panel via Arduino receive/send command to my prepare3D.

Re: Arduino controler

Posted: 11 Apr 2017, 09:48
by klisura
Just a month ago I found that Fs2link page and decided to try to build a radio panel, altough I have a saitek one, but just for discovering the Arduino world. Now I'm still waiting for the delivery of the Arduino Uno R3 board and the 7 segment display.
But now with the great potentiality I'd like to change my project and I'd like to build an A320 Overhead. What isn't clear to me is the differences between the many arduino boards on the market.
Considering that I'm going to use about 32 buttons/switches (I'll not build the whole overhead) and thinking to place the 7 segments displays for battery voltage, do you think my Arduino Uno R3 is the right board to do that?

So excited about it!

Re: Arduino controler

Posted: 12 Apr 2017, 01:04
by OldAirmail
Hi, klisura.

As with anything that is "new" to you, there is a lot to learn. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to start working with many simple things. Like the project below. :D

For example I started with a Arduino controlled GPS. This will give you an idea how easy it is to use - Arduino controller - Building a GPS

This is the one (unfinished) that I built.

And here's a better one by Daz.

Another good way to get an idea about Arduinos would be to read the first page or two of this post that we're in - Page 1.

One very good thing about Arduinos is that many of them will (once programed) be seen, AND USED, by SPAD.neXt just as any joystick buttons that you have now.

This is how SPAD.neXt "sees" an Arduino Teensy 3.2 after loading in a basic code sample.
And there are the 32 buttons that you wanted. :D

And I did NOTHING more than load the Teensy with a sample code from their website!


The fact that you find this very interesting suggests that you'll do well. There's a little bit to learn, but afterwards you can do a great deal with SPAD.neXt and Arduinos. And believe me, I'm no programmer at all

The big breakthrough will come when we can use SPAD.neXt to output the flight sim data to 7 segment displays

Ulrich did a "proof of concept" with a 7 segment display.

Working off that, but with sample code from elsewhere I tested a similar display with many other types of Arduino. Only 1 failed and that was probably due to my error.


What else may be possible? How about analog displays using servo motors?
An analog flaps indicator.

The thing to remember is that RIGHT NOW, you can setup certain Arduinos for buttons and rotary encoders, AND they will be useable in SPAD.neXt.

Although Ulrich may have SPAD working with the Arduino UNO & MEGA, there are other Arduinos that have the USB/HID interface built in to them right now.

Check out this post - Arduino boards to use as USB/HID controllers

If all of this is too new to anyone, you can do similar things with various Leo Bodnar boards. Unless I'm wrong, each board only does certain things, such as Buttons & Encoders. You may need different Leo B. boards for LED, and so on.

They're easier to use, but more expensive than the, almost, universal Arduino. Especially if you need to buy 2 boards to get Buttons & LEDs.

There is ONE important tip that I can give to everyone - WORK A FEW OF THE SIMPLE PROJECTS BEFORE TRYING MORE COMPLEX PROJECTS. Mistakes will be made and in the making of those mistakes you'll learn something about problem solving.

Good luck. :D

Re: Arduino controler

Posted: 12 Apr 2017, 09:08
by klisura
Thank you OldAirmail, I'm very excited about the great job that Arduino & Spad.Next can do.
Your Gps is a great stuff! On my side, with a simple chinese joystick board (9,99 euros on Amazon) I built a generic Airbus pedestal featuring highlighted Saitek throttles and 12 switch/buttons.
Spad.Next is an incredible software and with Arduino building something like a pro cockpit will be finally affordable

Re: Arduino controler

Posted: 13 Apr 2017, 02:32
by OldAirmail
Beautiful! It looks great. :D

It used to be very difficult to build your own flight sim peripherals. Now it's so much easier.

Personally, I find that even making just a few button boxes to cover those things that matter most to "you", flight simming is more enjoyable.

And even for those who don't want to "build it themselves" there are a variety of button box options out there. Tie that in with SPAD.neXt and you'll be able to forget about the keyboard, a device that I HATE for "flying".

Re: Arduino controler

Posted: 13 Apr 2017, 09:56
by Oz Flyer
OldAirmail wrote:Tie that in with SPAD.neXt and you'll be able to forget about the keyboard, a device that I HATE for "flying".
I have got to a point that I have deleted all aircraft controls from the keyboard and only have some sim controls left which I never use.
The keyboard is only used to give saved flights there file name and enter codes into flight plans.

Re: Arduino controler

Posted: 24 Jun 2017, 15:44
by Oz Flyer
Hi OldAirmail,
Just a quick update, Went to a Arduino talk at my local Amateur Radio Club today and as part of the presentation we where given Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro boards.

All ready have done some tests with it and have it running as a 25 button input which SPAD.neXt detects and reads.
At this time the only problem is the inputs are offset by 1, so SPAD buttons start at 2 and go to 26 (not my code) still looking into that.

Re: Arduino controler

Posted: 24 Jun 2017, 21:38
by OldAirmail
Give this attachment a try. It's not mine, but the originators location is in the text.

Without a doubt this is the best encoder code that I've found. It works perfectly with the 3 different brands of encoders that I have and is very forgiving.

This will give you 4 encoders and 25 buttons. The number of buttons, or encoders, can be increased with a little careful modification.


What I like best about the Pro Micro and Teensy boards is the small size, easy to program as HID, and the perfect size to put in a small home made panel.

Re: Arduino controler

Posted: 24 Jun 2017, 21:48
by OldAirmail
My mistake. :oops:

This is the image that I meant to post -