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Arduino controler

Discussion about special hardware
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Re: Arduino controler

Post by Oz Flyer » 17 Dec 2017, 22:31

Hi Rich,
This is sad news to read. You have given so much help to me and other getting into Arduino's for the first time.
My GPS project is just waiting on the case. I am working with a friend to see if we can build one that looks very close to the GPS500 using a 3d printer.
Hope you have many more hours of flying.
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Re: Arduino controler

Post by TMorel » 22 Dec 2017, 21:39

Hey Rich,
Cheers for all the inspiration on the hardware side, I love clicking on this thread to see what people areworking on.

I truly hope you have many many enjoyable flights still ahead.
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Re: Arduino controler

Post by berniegtr » 20 Jun 2018, 14:26

Any news on Arduino support?

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