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Multi Panel always on?

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Multi Panel always on?

Post by Bean » 21 Sep 2020, 23:31

Hi, I have the multi panel and the radio panel. Both work fine. However when I switch off aircraft In MSFS 2020 the radio panel goes off but my multi panel stays on ( the actual numbers go but for example, Alt, Vs stays on). It’s not a huge problem by any means just a tad annoying! The only way I can get then panel to turn off completely is by unplugging USB - bit more realistic but a hassle. (All USB powering etc is turned off). Multi panel stays on outside of sim - so really just when it is powered up - maybe this is normal?
Also should the radio panel have any backlight? Mine just shows the numbers, which is fine.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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Re: Multi Panel always on?

Post by c0nnex » 22 Sep 2020, 10:37

The pre texts cannot be turned off, as they are hard wired in the panel, without closing the device by SPAD.neXt, which will mean, Windows will set it into sleep mode. (You see the endless loop ;) )

When you exit SPAd.neXt the pretexts should be turned off automatically, and only teh backlight of the MP left (no way to prevent that at all, other tehn physically diconnecting the device)

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