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Who's using Arduino's

Discussion about special hardware
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Oz Flyer
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Who's using Arduino's

Post by Oz Flyer » 03 May 2020, 04:23

Hi All,
I have seen many post now about Arduino's so how many of you out there have started building or are looking at building with them?

I would like to see a list of users so we can help each other.

I have 3 projects done. GPS, Radio stack & gear shift . Working on converting games port wheel and racing pedels over to USB.

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Re: Who's using Arduino's

Post by RvEijk1990 » 21 Aug 2020, 18:39

Im using arduino’s,.

Just got my first one a few weeks ago,. And was building a sinole switch panel with basic functions for the zibo 737 for xplane 11

So im still learning how to work with the arduino,.

New info/knowledge is always welcome

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