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Expanding the Leo Bodnar BBI-32: to 51 buttons.

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Expanding the Leo Bodnar BBI-32: to 51 buttons.

Post by Oz Flyer » 12 Apr 2017, 11:58

Expanding the Leo Bodnar BBI-32:
The BBI-32 is a 32 button input board. ... cts_id=205

This project will show you how to get up to 51 push buttons with one board and the power of SPAD.neXt.
So if you need a few more push button switch inputs for an FMC or GPS (Keyboard type devices) this may be what you are looking for.

1) You do this at your OWN RISK.
2) You need to know how to safely use a soldering iron and read a circuit.
2) ONLY inputs 12 to 32 can be used. Inputs 1 to 11 can NOT be used for extra buttons due to the firmware on the BBI-32.
3) ONLY momentary push on and momentary toggle action switches can be used.
4) Inputs 1 to 11 can still be used as normal switch or push button inputs.

Back ground:
I was asked if there was any way to get more then 32 inputs out of the BBI-32 by a flight sim freind who need some more for his GPS.
So I started looking at it and worked out that using 2 diodes on each added push button to make a 2nd bank of 20 buttons.

So I set my test board up using input 32 as the bank 1 select.
This gives me 31 buttons in bank 0 (1 to 11 and 12A to 31A) and another 20 buttons in bank 1 (12B to 31B).

The basic idea is that each button in bank 0 is wired as normal.
Then each button in bank 1 has 2 diodes one connects to the bank select input(32) and the other to a button input (Starting at input 12).
Inputs 12 to 31 have 2 buttons each and input 32 has all 20 buttons in bank 1 connected.
There is two ways to do this:
1) (RECOMMENDED) Get some project board and solder all the diodes on this and run wires to the switches and BBI-32.
2) (NOT RECOMMENDED) You can solder the 2 diodes to the switch then solder wires to the diodes, heatshrink and connect to the BBI-32. This can become a big mess very quickly.

Bank 1 circuit:

Programing SPAD.neXt:

Example using button input 12 (Change as needed) and input 32 as bank 1 selcet.

1) Select button input.
2) Add Event Button Pressed.
3A) For Bank 0 switchs
Execute action(s) if
Button 32 = 0
Action(s) to be executed
Program as needed.

3B) For Bank 1 switchs
Execute action(s) if
Button 32 = 1
Action(s) to be executed
Program as needed.

4) Repeat as needed.
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