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3X22" Monitors VS 2X27" Monitors

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3X22" Monitors VS 2X27" Monitors

Post by RCenteno » 01 Feb 2017, 20:55

Hi all and wishing you a prosperous 2017.

I've been researching the possibilities of exchanging my 3 X 22" Acer widescreen monitors (1680X1050) resolution to at least 2 X 27" Acer monitors (2560X1440) resolution.

With my current computer system (2 X NVidia 560's video cards) I can get a good 3980X1024 across all three screens with bevel correction. Anything higher than that with PMDG 737ngx the screens starts to flicker. I have tried several approaches with same flickering results beyond 4000 resolution across screens. I am using all three screens for outside view only, no panels or instruments, just strictly outside view. I have a 24" monitor for instruments. My FPS are very solid at 40 with my setup.

Anyone here has any experience with, at least, 2 X 27" monitors at higher resolutions? See above.

Comments and impressions welcomed.

Thanks to all and greetings to Ulrich.


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Re: 3X22" Monitors VS 2X27" Monitors

Post by OldAirmail » 02 Feb 2017, 00:42

I also have three 22 inch monitors, so let me suggest something.

Change your video display settings to just 2 monitors. Center your chair on the two monitors.

Take off, circle, and come in for a landing.

What do you see blocking your view of the runway as you come in to land? The bezels.

If that's ok with you, go ahead. I've used FSX with one, two, and three monitors for years and know that you can get used to anything.

Personally, I'd rather live with a slightly lower resolution than switch to two higher rez monitors with the central bezel.


You speak of "...exchanging my 3 X 22" Acer widescreen monitors (1680X1050) resolution to at least 2 X 27" Acer monitors ..".

Are you talking about buying 2 new monitors? Or an actual exchange, where you give someone you 3 monitors, and they give you two monitors?

Are your "3 X 22" Acer widescreen monitors" really old? Your 1680 X 1050 seem on the low side.

For instance, my somewhat old 22 inch Asus monitors have a resolution of 1920 X 1080.

My pixel count is 5760 X 1080, and that isn't all that spectacular.

Your video card may be the problem here. And your monitors are probably capable of higher resolutions.

If you were intending to BUY the two monitors, I'd recommend getting a newer video card with an absolute minimum of 4 GB DDR5 memory for FSX, and 6GB DDR5 for Prepar3d (Prepar3d is made to use the additional power of your video card).

Going on nothing other than price, here's a possibility - EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC GAMING, 4GB GDDR5 $149.99.
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Re: 3X22" Monitors VS 2X27" Monitors

Post by bighairybeastie » 05 Feb 2017, 19:13

I would agree with Old Airmail, the Nvidia 560 even in SLI will have difficulty with your setup. It looks as though you are using Surround (NVidia joins the three screens together to form one large area) with an accessory screen(instruments). If using FSX, It will not use the full power of your GFX and definitely not use SLI - so lots of power lost.

You should consider Prepared 3D which will Use GFX and SLI technology as well as multicore processors is definitely the way to go if you are still using SLI.

But I also think the source is the 560's not being able to keep up. I have GTX 970 in SLI (surround at 1920 *5760 and accessory screen above at 1920 * 1080) and cannot max out Prepar at 30fps! I think even with the GTX 1050TI will not be enough.

see ... TX-1050-Ti. Many have switched to the 1080 but remember, your current monitors will probably be connected via DVI or older, using any modern cards will probably need adaptors or monitor upgrades to DisplayPort or HDMI.

Finally if you're considering upgrading the monitors anyway, maybe consider one large 4K with accessory screen - see looks fantastic but expensive setup

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Re: 3X22" Monitors VS 2X27" Monitors

Post by thedazman » 18 Mar 2017, 21:51

3x 27" curved monitors at 5900x1080 works fine for me.

Personally I wouldn't run two screens. I do that for a while and hated the join down the runway, couldn't see a thing.

It's all a personal preference and you have to make the choice that's right for you at the budget you have available. There's a lot of trial and error.

I went through many monitor setups before setteling on 3x 27" Samsung's and it's the best if managed to get it in the space I have.

Good luck in what ever you try

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