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by luv2fly61
21 Oct 2021, 23:20
Forum: Bugs / Problems
Topic: QW B787
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QW B787

Hi there,
Does anyone know what LVAR can be used for the Fuel control switches for QW B787. I have tried looking under LVAR starting with "qw" but can't find them.
Any suggestion greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
by luv2fly61
07 Dec 2020, 22:44
Forum: Bugs / Problems
Topic: BIP blinking conditions.
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BIP blinking conditions.

HI, Following the update I have noticed that with my BIP since the upgrade any condition where the light was set to blink, once the condition no longer exists the lights continue flashing, unlike with the previous SPAD version, where when condition stopped so the light. Just to clarify let's say STA...