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by LuxMax
29 Nov 2019, 08:52
Forum: Feature Ideas / Discussions
Topic: An alternative Flight Instrument Panel?
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Re: An alternative Flight Instrument Panel?

I think being USB 3.0 compliant is crucial. Stability is another important factor. I think it would be nice to keep in mind the DCS environment as well. If there could be a version that could fit nicely inside the Thrustmaster MFD it would be a great hit. I would keep it simple and stable, I persona...
by LuxMax
10 Nov 2016, 21:18
Forum: General
Topic: Issue with license
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Issue with license

Hello to all, I have bought a license, and I admit I like this program very much, but I'm experiencing some issue. Every time I reboot my system Spad forgot my license info. If I re-enter the license everything works fine, when I close and re-open Spad it works, until the next reboot. At e...