Download SPAD.neXt

SPAD.neXt comes with a 14 days trial of the 'complete edition'. After 14 days a valid license Key is required. No refunds will be granted, if you do not make use of the 14 days trial and then recognize SPAD.neXt is not working for you.

Older Versions

If your update subscription expired, and you do not want to renew it, you can use older Versions of SPAD.neXt.

Note: old versions will not receive any content updates and will no longer be able to access the SPAD.neXt online services.

To receive the download link of an old version please head over to the SPAD.neXt commuity Discord (, register your license using the "!link" command and then query the bot about your license details using the "!licinfo" command. It will contain a download-link for the version available for your license.


If you are looking for a specific version you can download those here


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